Bambix – No 1. – 01


Hey are you blind? why don’t you see me?
i’m standing right in front of you. you better
believe me
Hey are deaf? why can’t you hear me?
i’m screaming right into you ear. better believe

success sucks ass

Don’t you know. where the you wanna go.
I’ll gelp you out. you’ll be mine tonight
and now i see just what you’re planning
and what you claim to be: no.1?

success sucks ass

i wanna know what made you grow
so tall that you don’t see me
my status shifts and i like this bit
cuz i can see right through you
your party’s huge. your memory small
Cuz suddenly you don’t remember me at all
where we used to drink. now you’re gonna drown
cuz you have turned into some asshole clown.

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